How To Protect Your Identity On Facebook With Face Recognition Technology

The rate of scamming in today’s world is so awful and like we all know scamming is not a new thing at least in one or two ways any of you reading this post have been scammed or escape been scam. This scamming issue have been one of the tactical thing Facebook are trying their possible best to tackle and like all Facebook user’s, it’s not new to us how scammers do use someone else pictures to fraud on social media and it’s spoiling some peoples fun on social media.

Facebook now have gone a long way to tackle this particular problem by revealing this latest features that will automatically let users know when they automatically appear in a photo or video even when they are not tagged to the picture.

This particular features was announce last year December 2017 but it was fully integrated on February 2018. For those of you who are online of recent can testify that Facebook notify them on their various News feed base on the new Facial Recognition Technology. This new feature will only be applicable on newly uploaded photos and you will receive notification instantly if anybody uploading your photos make it visible to you through their privacy setting if not the person will be blocked automatically.

Know When You Appear in Photos on Facebook

Have it in mind that this new features is not roll out to Canada or Any European Union where Facebook faces more intense backlash over it’s use of Facial data.
This features have a very good advantage in terms of keeping your Facebook details secured. If any photo featuring your Face is uploaded on Facebook, you will notice a dialogue box pop up and options like tag yourself, message the user who posted this, Notify Facebook that the face there isn’t yours will pop up and once you detect that you don’t know anything about the upload photos, Facebook will immediately block that user account.

Another thing Facebook is working on is how to notify users if their are been use by another profile of which will reduce the rate of scamming in social media.

Face Recognition have been existing since 2010 where you can quickly bring people together in the form of tagging them selves but now Facebook is now making this features to help Facebook users have more control over their online privacy and contents.

Also, it is good for any Facebook user to know what picture of his is floating around a cyberspace because there may be photos that exist users might not know and it will help Facebook a lot because the more people get contented uploading their photos on social media, the more they engage on it meaning that it will fetch more money for them.

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