Fear is nothing more than states of mind. One’s state of mind is subject to control and direction. Nature has endowed man with absolute control over our thought. Our thoughts can clothe itself and appear in its physical equivalent. This can also be applied in the thought impulses of fear of poverty.

     There is no connection between poverty and riches. The two leads to opposite directions. You must refuse to accept any conditions that lead to poverty if you want to be rich.

     The fear of poverty is so dangerous that it can kill of self-reliance, encourages procrastination, destroy the faculty of imagination, makes self-control impossible. Overcoming the fear of poverty can be carried out by performing a self-analysis of yourself. This will disclose the weaknesses which one would not like to admit to.

     When you carry out such analysis, search deep into your attitude. You should look out for the following symptoms that attributes to the fear of poverty;


Taking Decisions helps in overcoming the fear of poverty
Overcoming Indecision

The habit of permitting others to do your thinking, making you sits on the fence. You have to

Believe in your instincts and make your own decision, accepting only opinions of others which you dim favorable to your plan. No one makes a better decision about you better than you do.


Overcome your Doubts so as to become Rich

This symptom is negative as to the existence of Man. It is generally expressed through alibis and excuse to cover up for one’s failure, also in the form of envy and criticism.

     Self-confidence and genuine enthusiasm towards your goal of becoming rich is the key.


Fear of poverty makes one feel indifferent. This is shown in the lack of ambition, mental and physical laziness, lack of self-control, willingness to tolerate poverty, acceptance of whatever compensation life may offer without protest.


The habit of putting off until tomorrow that which should be done today. Giving excuses not to something when it is right. The fear of poverty makes men bargain with life for a penny, instead of demanding prosperity, riches. Expecting poverty instead of demanding riches. Association with those who accept poverty instead of seeking the company of those who demand and receive riches.

     To become rich, one has to be desirous, have faith, organize your plan and be persistent with your goal.