How to generate Great Ideas

Successful Techniques for generating Great Ideas

Idea generation is the act of developing an idea usually for the purpose of solving a problem. Idea generation is the basis of innovation that is formulated through creative thinking.

            Every man is born with one billion ideas as estimated by scientist. It is left to individuals to discover themselves and tap into their inner source so as to generate Ideas.

           People tend to believe that they are not creative and therefore cannot generate Ideas, but that is a wrong perception to some extent. Many people are capable of a very high level of creativity, taken reference to young children when they play and imagine. E.g. the act of kids’ creativity in trying to replicate the design of a car and other objects through the use of cardboard materials.

Parents and guardians usually overlook this act giving the children the impression that their efforts are useless in that area rather they should study their books to become “Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, etc.” which they think is better.

 This thereby has impaired their creativity level for generating ideas and has subjected their kid’s thinking to a confined box of the formal educational system.

The formal education system tends to educate students within a confined set of rules and knowledge already created by individuals in the past.

They (formal educational system) want to make everyone learners believe in a particular theory rather than given them the opportunity to think out of the box and explore their in-borne ideas and creativity. However, this has suppressed the level of idea generation.

Techniques on how to generate Ideas:

            Here is list of well buttressed techniques for stimulating your mindset so as to wake and generate ideas for the innovations of things are:

Think Positively:

There is this saying by Napoleon Hill that “as a man thinketh so is he”. The kind of thought you conceive in your mind will bring about your actions and doings.

Developing the act of thinking about creating new ideas and techniques for solving existing problems. This will send signals to your subconscious mind which will automatically start generating new ideas for you.

Read Books Extensively:

Reading versatile motivational, inspirational and academicals books helps to train and stimulate the brain for proper and efficient thinking so as to create ideas. Books also act as a form of example and provide key figures ideal experiences to readers to learn from.

Networking with like minds

Form the habit of being around individuals that are creative and have like minds with yours. Increase your number of friends and connections that can motivate you through their achievements or success and ensure to ask questions where seemed unclear to you.

This tends to inspire you in generating ideas that would be of need in solving problems for the good of all.

Get a Mentor:

Mentors are like role models and people you look up to in a particular activity and way of going about things.

Mentors are already successful people you want to thread their path. These individuals could help in motivating and guiding you thereby stimulating ideas that would help you through life.

These techniques have been proved to be very useful by a lot of individuals and schools of thought in Idea generation. Practice these acts and unlock that hidden treasures in you.