About Us

Geniushowto is an educational and informative website. It serves as a reliable source of getting credible information in the ‘how-to’ guide.

The website was borne out of the desire to impact the lives of people worldwide by providing easy to understand steps on ‘how-to’ do things.

At Geniushowto, we help individuals, firms, agencies, organization learn ‘how-to’ do something awesome every day with step-by-step instructions.

We offer Manuals, videos, Guides, Tips on ‘how-to’ do stuffs like a ‘Genius’.

Our Vision:

To impart knowledge and help people attain their full potentials of becoming who they want to be.

Our Mission:

  • We provide ‘How-to’ guides on different aspects of life doings which connects our everyday activities.
  • We share first-hand experience and articles that spur individuals to become a Genius.
  • We create a platform for people to spend quality time learning.
  • We make sure our audience gain adequate Knowledge on their particular choice of the area even when visiting the site as a novice.